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SAKUN cat sweater with zipper mouth - $25

send me a kpop group and i’ll tell you

who was my first bias:
who is my current bias:



I’m gonna reblog this every day till someone does it.

pls someone submit me one, I’ve had people do it before and it’s hella adorable xxx


Favorite albums meme (9/?)

∟Fall Out Boy_ Infinity on High (2007)

The second you worry about other people’s expectations is the second you can expect failure. Not that we didn’t have big hopes for this album—we wanted our fans to love it more than anything. But put it this way: We don’t sit around second-guessing everything. If you do that, you’re bound to make sterile music, and that’s when you can expect failure.

— Patrick Stump, on the pressures of making a follow-up to From Under the Cork Tree

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ok i’m doing a super srs response to bangmeyongguk's 6 selfie tag so here u go

since i’ve been gone for 12 years i have no idea who has already been tagged so if u been tagged and u don’t wanna do it (or u just don’t wanna do it)- it ok i still love u and i kno that ur rly hot so…!! i tag: sugavear, piratekingzico, kpopdaddy, ttalgi-taemint, & t-oresama